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Services & Rates

The buttons below allow you to book these services directly on my calendar through Zoho.

If you prefer to contact me first to determine which is the right fit for you, please click below:

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In-Home Consultation & Estimate

Your in-home consultation provides clarity and focus to the organizing process. We view and measure your space, discuss goals, clarify obstacles to getting organized, develop a plan and answer any questions you might have.

This is recommended before embarking on hands-on organizing sessions.


  • A customized plan to get your home organized once and for all!
  • A free copy of my Decluttering Question Guide
  • 100% no obligation

The cost of this session is $100.

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Hands-On Organizing Sessions

Based on your specific needs, as determined in your consultation, I will tailor your hands-on organizing sessions to exactly what you need.

Sessions are generally about 5 hours in length, with 1-3 organizers on hand.

Starting at $65/hour per organizer + NYS tax.

All organizing sessions include decluttering, space planning, product recommendations and implementation, leaving you with a completely organized space!    We also take donation items away for you, leaving you with peace of mind and no extra "to-do's" on your list.

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Reset & Refresh Sessions

Space previously organized but things have changed or evolved? That's totally normal!

Simplify Buffalo is happy to come reset and refresh your space. We can revamp spaces, update labels, do seasonal swaps or help with ongoing decluttering to get your space looking beautiful again.

3 hour session: $190 + tax

Quarterly refreshes - 3 hours each x 4 sessions per year: $725 + tax (5% savings)

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Prefer to get organized on your own, but need some guidance and encouragement?

For the DIY'er...

Full Home Organizing Action Plan for the DIY'er

If hands-on organizing isn't in your budget or you prefer to DIY your project, this is the option for you!  I spend about an hour or two in your home with you, understanding your overall organizational challenges, discussing the details of specific spaces and understanding your priorities.  With this information, I develop a customized, digital Organizing Action Plan for you with recommended product links.  This plan is the jumping off point for you to "DIY" your organizing projects (or book virtual or hands-on organizing sessions with me!).  This plan includes up to 6 rooms/spaces.

The cost of this session and plan is $450. 

+Add $50 for each additional space (closet, room or category like "paper")

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Single Space Organizing Plan for the DIY'er

Need help and guidance to organize a specific spot in your home? I am happy to coach you through the organizing process!

Examples of things we can tackle:

  • My pantry is a mess, help!
  • We're moving in 2 months... what little changes can I make to stage it?
  • I have a new baby coming, how can I find space for all the stuff?
  • How can I improve my mudroom to function better?

Available in person (within 20 miles of Buffalo, NY) or virtually over Zoom, I will assess your space, walk you through the steps to categorize, declutter and contain. I will recommend the specific products you need to complete the project so you don't have to waste your time with trial & error.

The cost of this session and plan is $100.

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Imagine the projects we could accomplish....

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