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Rates & Details

Step 1: In-Home Consultation & Strategy Session | $100

Your in-home consultation provides clarity and focus to the organizing process. We view and measure your space, discuss goals, clarify obstacles to getting organized, develop a plan and answer any questions you might have.


  • A customized plan to get your home organized once and for all!
  • A free copy of my Decluttering Question Guide
  • 100% no obligation

Save 50% off your in-home consultation when using the Contact Form to begin the consultation process!

Step 2: Hands-On Organizing Session Packages

Based on your specific needs, as determined in your consultation, I will tailor your hands-on organizing sessions to exactly what you need.

Sessions are generally about 5 hours in length, with 1-3 organizers on hand.

Session pricing starts at $325 + NYS Tax.

All organizing sessions include decluttering, space planning, product recommendations and implementation, leaving you with a completely organized space!  We also take donation items away for you - leaving you with peace of mind and no extra "to-do's" on your list.

I'm ready to book a consultation!

Other Services

Full Home Consultation & Organizing Action Plan for the DIY'er

If hands-on organizing isn't in your budget or you prefer to DIY your project, this is the option for you!  I spend about an hour in your home with you, understanding your overall organizational challenges, discussing the details of specific spaces and understanding your priorities.  With this information, I develop a customized, digital Organizing Action Plan for you with recommended product links.  This plan is the jumping off point for you to "DIY" your organizing projects (or book virtual or hands-on organizing sessions with me!).  

The cost of this session and plan is $200. 


Virtual Organizing Coaching

I am happy to offer a safe, socially-distant and effective way to help you achieve your organizing goals from anywhere!  Click below to learn more about my Virtual Organizing packages.

How it Works


Referrals are important to me! Refer a friend – when they become a client, you’ll receive a $50 credit for Simplify services!

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