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You want your home to be peaceful, clutter-free and organized, but...

You don't know where to start..     You don't have time to do it...   Or you're overwhelmed with the process....

Well, you're in the right place.

Juggling the priorities of daily life leaves limited time for anything else, and it's ok to ask for help. Whether you're busy with your kids, your job, an upcoming move or other life event, I can help you find peace at home.

I'm Amy, the founder of Simplify Buffalo, a professional home organizing and decluttering company serving all of Western New York.

As a professional home organizer, I bring efficiency and ease to the home organizing process. I will help you make decluttering decisions, set you up with efficient organizational systems that will last, find the perfect product to achieve your goals, plus take away donations at the end (ensuring they end up at impactful local organizations and not in a landfill).

It's important to me that it feels easy for YOU. So whether you're embarrassed, anxious, overwhelmed or just short on time, know that I can help you in a judgment-free way that will benefit you and your family for years to come.

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What people are saying

Amy and her team are excellent!! They helped organize my mom’s basement which was full of 50 years of stuff. In 4 hours three women turned the basement from overwhelming clutter to neat and organized. There are still plenty of things to go through but now we know where and what everything is. They were kind and patient with my mom and very careful with all of her memories. They took all the stress out of the process and actually made it enjoyable. We couldn’t have done it without Amy’s help and we are truly grateful for the work that was done. It’s a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and a relief for my mom as well.Read More

Amy and her team made the process extremely easy. They are professional and make the reorganization process less overwhelming. They do all of the heavy lifting and take the donations items with them. When they were done, our closets and basement felt decluttered and visually pleasing. We will certainly use them for all of our organizational needs.Read More

Amy and Simplify Buffalo is exceptional. Her attention to detail, planning and professionalism are all best in class. I would highly recommend.Read More

The Simplify Buffalo team is absolutely amazing! They are timely and efficient. When they leave, you feel refreshed, clear, and energized! The team is polite and quiet as they work. I highly recommend them for any organizing needs! I can't wait to have them back.Read More

Simplify Buffalo has been terrific. In two sessions, they sorted, categorized and labelled all my belongings in the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms including my electronic cables! Everything is so easy for me to find and maintain now! They also helped me with the last boxes that I had in the garage from my move that I had procrastinated on. They cleaned up everything behind them and took the extra to donation places (list on their website). Another thing I did not have to do. This is a very professional and awesome team to work with. More importantly, they listen and understand what you want or don't, and also make suggestions that I would not have thought about. I 100% recommend their services.Read More

The Simplify Buffalo Team

Ready to calm your space  and calm your mind?

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