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Senior Downsizing

Whether you are thinking of downsizing your own home or you're here on behalf of a loved one, know that we are happy to help make this life transition less overwhelming and less exhausting.

At Simplify Buffalo, we will help you honor a lifetime of memories and decide what to do with belongings, helping you transition into a new lifestyle with ease and grace. Our team is trained and caring, gently working with our senior clients and supporting them through the entire process.

How it Works:

Whether you have 1 month before moving or 5 years, we can help you!

If you have the time, we highly recommend using it and approaching your downsizing journey as gradually as possible. We prefer to work with our clients in recurring sessions - monthly, bimonthly or weekly, to conquer one space or project at a time. We help make decisions easier through our use of sorting, focusing your attention, helpful questions to consider and helping you find the right new homes for your belongings. This may include donation resources, gifting to family members, responsible disposal or suggestions for resale.

Upon arrival in your new space, we can also help with unpacking, organizing, and optimizing your new space functionally (including helping with any physical restrictions you may have). Note: we do not provide packing and moving services at this time.

Our Services:

6 months to Less - For those on a tighter timeline

Bi-Weekly 3-4 hour appointments with 1-2 organizers

12 months+ to Less - For those who need a more gradual approach or have more time

Bi-Weekly or Monthly 3-4 hour appointments with 1 organizer

Rates starting at $75/hr/organizer

Simplify Buffalo is fully bonded and insured.

We have a dedicated staff member available to take your call at 716-218-0138 and answer your questions. If now isn’t a good time, you can schedule a call below:

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Amy Wopperer

Amy has been helping people simplify and organize their homes professionally since 2020. She is compassionate and understanding, while conveying the mantra that less is more when trying to ease our every day obligations and responsibilities.

Lynn Briand of Simplify Buffalo

Lynn Briand

Lynn has a passion for helping people declutter, organize and streamline their belongings so they can live their best life. She has decades of professional experience in the healthcare space and brings tremendous empathy and care to our clients.