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About Simplify Buffalo

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Simplify Buffalo is a professional home organizing company serving the Buffalo, New York region. We were founded in 2020 and have been decluttering, space planning and organizing homes ever since. We strive to create custom solutions for people in their homes that improve efficiency, decrease stress and bring joy back to their spaces.


Hi, I'm Amy!

Growing up, I always had a knack for organization. In the past several years, as my own family has expanded and my life has grown busier, my appreciation for simplicity in my home, lifestyle and belongings has grown. I want to share my passion with other moms and families so they can also experience the transformative power of decluttering and organizing in their own homes.

And no, my own house is not "perfect"! However, it's as peaceful and orderly as a house with 3 young boys can be.

Thanks for dropping by. I am a wife, mom, daughter, friend and sister who has always had a knack for organization. In the past several years, I have grown this  into a profound appreciation for simplicity in my home, life style and belongings.  While my own home is not "perfect", it's peaceful, and that's what I strive to bring to each of my clients!

My Vision

Less (clutter, stuff)

is more (space, time, freedom)

Sustainable organization in a home starts with finding a "home" for every item. This task is made easier by keeping only the items in our lives that we truly need, use and enjoy.  My mission is to help you and your home feel lighter and more at ease, so you can spend less time hunting for lost objects or cleaning, and more time living!