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Why "Get Organized!" should NOT be your New Year's Resolution in 2023....

December 29, 2022

I am guessing you're wondering why a Professional Organizer would tell you not to say your New Year's Resolution is to "Get Organized", so let me explain myself....

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A broad resolution like that is setting you up for failure.


If you're here reading this, I think you are already cued into the positive effects that getting organized can have on your life, and you see the benefit - which is GREAT!


But "getting organized" is a very broad goal, that is not specific, measurable, actionable or time-bound enough to ensure your success.

Instead, break "getting organized" down into more achievable mini-goals:


Ask yourself what exactly is frustrating you about your home and start there. Is it a specific space? Is it a broader habit that needs to be counteracted?


If coming into your house every day gives you stress and anxiety because the hall is cluttered with bags and shoes and coats, tackle that area first. Pull everything out and declutter. Then, think about how that space could function more efficiently. Do you need to add hooks? Or a shelf? What can be removed to give you more space?


If the kitchen utensil drawer drives you nuts because the potato masher gets caught and you can barely open the drawer - start there! Think how satisfying (and easy) it will feel to check that off your list (finally!).

Keep scrolling for my suggested Resolution Ideas


Try these resolutions instead, which are specific, attainable and will contribute to your overall goal to get organized:

  • Keep a box or bag in your closet for donations. Anytime you try something on and say "Ugh", put it in the BAG and not back in your closet.
  • Do the same for your kids' clothes - right in their room or closet (either with a bin to hold the 4T clothes until your next child grows into them or for donations for the clothes they've all outgrown).
  • Implement a 24-48 hour pause for online shopping. Put it in the cart, but don't click "purchase" until you wait 24-48 hours. Less purchases = less returns = less errands, less clutter....
  • Resolve to "unsubscribe" from email clutter right away. Clicking unsubscribe is almost as easy as clicking delete - and then you only need to do it once.
  • Resolve to say "no" to giveaways and freebies in the New Year. No one needs another promotional water bottle, frisbee or bracelet. Politely decline and don't sign up to "win" things you don't really need.
  • Make a commitment to not buy any new holiday decor this calendar year. Use what you have, hand-make decorations or find them in nature if you want more.
  • This concept/commitment could be used for other categories as well - ex: no new home decor this year, no new shoes this year, no new makeup this year... It's tangible limit-setting to reduce clutter and use what we have.

Need help or accountability so you can achieve your goals of getting organized in 2023?

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